7th Annual Statewide Structural Engineers Conference


Delegating Structural Steel Connection Design
Presented by Clifford W. Schwinger, P.E., SECB, Vice President, The Harman Group, Inc.

Washington PA Building Collapse and How it Could Apply to SEER
Presented by Thomas Anthony, P.E., The Markosky Engineering Group, Inc.

Connecting with Gen Z Engineers: Managing a Cross-generational Structural Engineering Firm while Building a Dynamic Culture and Better Place to Work
Panel Presentation by David W. Dinehart, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Villanova University; Dennis V. Mordan, P.E., SECB, M.ASCE, Vice President, Managing Principal O'Donnell & Naccarato, Inc. Structural Engineers; and Michael Mulhern, P.E., Managing Partner and Founder, Mulhern + Kulp

2015 IRC Wall Construction: Prescriptive Lateral Bracing Design
Presented by Jeff Vance, P.E., Senior Design Engineer, MiTek, USA, Inc.

Structural Renovations, Retrofits and Overbuilds - Case Study – 2400 Market
Presented by Lea Cosenza, P.E., Associate/Project Manager, The Harman Group and Tuna Yelkikanat, P.E., Senior Associate/Director, The Harman Group

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